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The complete story of Western philosophy, where it went wrong, and how we can course correct...from a Catholic perspective.
(And with a sense of humor!)

Praise for Why We Think What We Think

The temptation when we grow older is to believe that the world will end with us, and dwell on the way things were. But when we are young, it is hard to remember that history did not begin with us.
In Why We Think What We Think, Dan LeRoy offers a tonic for both of those tendencies. Using a deep knowledge of the history of philosophy and an entertaining writing style, LeRoy places our current debates in their proper context. It’s a useful toolkit for anyone who wants to be a better citizen and a protector of what’s good in our civilization. In his engaging, accessible style, LeRoy steers us safely past the competing dangers of unthinking traditionalism and a radicalism born of the ignorance of the past.        
―Chris Stirewalt
Author of Broken News: How the Media Rage Machine Divides America and How to Fight Back 

Why We Think What We Think is an engaging, thoughtful, often funny exploration of the crisis of the modern world, which it sharply identifies as a crisis of epistemology. From Thales of Miletus to the present day, this book tracks Western man’s climb to the pinnacle of philosophical inquiry — and his tumble back down the slope. LeRoy probes his central questions with a refreshing mix of confidence and curiosity, making Why We Think What We Think a compelling and eminently readable first step for anyone seeking answers to the age-old questions.
―Declan Leary,
Senior editor, The American Conservative

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